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This item lists unverified sales information on all Los Angeles County parcels transferred within two (2) years of the list date. Lists are produced quarterly (July, October, January, and April). Information in this file is grouped by cluster codes. Cluster codes group parcels by use codes and geographical location. Records are in order by Assessor's Identification Number (Mapbook-Page-Parcel). This item is available on CD or diskette, or can be sent via email or FTP.

Data Included

  Assessor's Identification Number Transfer Recording Date
  Regional Office Identification Number   Deed Type
Cluster Code   Documentary Transfer Tax Type
  Situs Address   Documentary Transfer Tax Amount(when available)
  Current Owner's Name or Current Transferee Name   Recording Date
  Use Code   Building Data including Year Built, Effective Year, Number of Bedrooms and Baths, Square Footage of the Main Improvement
  Zoning   Prior Transfer Information including the Latest 3 Unverified Transfers Occurring Within 2 Years of the List Date, Transfer Date, Documentary Transfer Tax Amount (when available)
  Recorder's Document Number  


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