Price List

  • Los Angeles County Parcel Boundary Map


    CD/DVD:  $6.00

    (updated around the beginning of each month)

  • Apartment House Listing

    CD/DVD:  $478

    (updated every fiscal year)

  • Cross Reference Roll

    CD/DVD:  $329

    (updated every fiscal year)

  • Secured Local Roll

    CD/DVD:  $329

    (updated every fiscal year)

  • LA County Wall Map


  • Parcel and Index Maps (for entire county)

    PDF FORMAT:  $1,337

    (updated on a continual basis - at least weekly)

  • Parcel Change (PC65)

    Hard Copy:  $497


  • Parcel Change (by city)

    CD/DVD:  $502 (per city)

  • Parcel Change (entire LA County)

    CD/DVD:  $969

  • Publicly Owned Parcels

    CD/DVD:  $478

    (updated every fiscal year) (text format)

  • Sales List

    CD/DVD:  $469

    (updated quarterly)

  • Secured Basic File (SBF) Abstract (SD04)

    CD/DVD:  $12,914 maximum per order - $200 minimum per order

    2¢ per parcel (1-100,000 parcels)

    1¢ per parcel (100,001-500,000 parcels)

    .36¢ per parcel (over 500,000 parcels)

    Entire County is approximately 2,600,000 parcels

  • Special Transfer (SREA)

    CD/DVD:  $1,294

  • TRA Agency Listing (CR14) or Agency TRA X-REF (CR42)

    CD/DVD:  $196

    (available in ASCii text, but not Excel)

    (updated every fiscal year)

  • Unsecured Roll (UE19)

    DVD:  $329

    (updated every fiscal year)

  • Personal Property Abstracts

    (updated every fiscal year)

    Aircraft  CD/DVD:  $469

    Business  CD/DVD:  $469

    Marine  CD/DVD:  $469

LABELS (mailing addresses)

Set-up fee = $113. Processing options as follows (per 1,000 labels or part thereof):

  • Option 1: $65 (electronic input - addresses printed to labels)   |  TOTAL (incl. set-up fee): $178
  • Option 2: $58 (electronic input - addresses via CD, or e-mail)   |  TOTAL (incl. set-up fee): $171

Mailing labels: There's a $65 charge for each additional 1,000 parcels or part thereof.
Mailing list:       There's a $58 charge for each additional 1,000 parcels or part thereof.

Mailing lists/labels are exempt from sales tax. A 9.00% state sales tax will be applied to all other orders purchased at our office or shipped within Los Angeles County (with the exception of those cities which have a higher rate). California orders outside L.A. County will have an 7.50% tax rate applied. No tax applied on orders sent via e-mail or FTP, or out-of-state orders.
Mail orders generally require a $2 charge for postage and handling.
For details of the above files, please contact:

c/o Property Data Sales
500 West Temple Street, Room 291
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Prices current as of June 16, 2011