Parcel Change Report

This item contains information on parcel number changes processed during the current roll year. It can be generated up to six (6) times per year upon user's request. Records are in order by Assessor's Identification Number (Mapbook-Page-Parcel). The report is available on CD, diskette (individual cities), or hard copy (individual cities), or can be sent via e-mail or FTP.

Hard Copy Report (individual cities only)

  • Report is printed on 11" x 14-7/8, standard size fan-fold computer paper
  • Report Title: City Parcel Change File (City Name)


  • Record Type
  • Old Assessor's Identification Number
  • Old Parcel Tax Rate Area
  • Parcel Change ID
  • Format
  • Type
  • Effective Date
  • New Assessor's Identification Number
  • New Parcel Tax Rate Area
  • Old Status
  • New Status
  • Use Code (on New Parcel)
  • City Name
  • Record Count