Special Transfer (SREA)

This file is created weekly. It also contains information on parcels which have transferred ownership, but only those which have been processed to the Assessor's master file since the previous week's run. IT IS NOT CUMULATIVE. It usually takes five (5) weeks or more for a transfer, from the time it is recorded with the Registrar/Recorder, to be processed into the Special Transfer File. The sales shown are those that actually sold at least five (5) weeks prior to the file create date. Records are in order by Assessor's Identification Number (Mapbook-Page-Parcel). This item is available on CD or diskette or can be sent via e-mail or FTP.


  • Assessor's Identification Number
  • Regional Office Identification Number
  • Cluster Code
  • Use Code
  • Batch Number
  • Recording Date
  • Year Sold to State
  • Tax Status
  • Zoning
  • Legal Description
  • First and Second Owner Name
  • Special Name
  • Situs Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Documentary Tax Information
  • Building Data LIne