ONE-STOP PUBLIC COUNTER Serving the Residents of Los Angeles County Number of Visitors to the One-Stop Counter Months Since the Opening of the One-Stop-Counter TOP 3 REQUESTS 1. Request Substitute Bill 2. Defaulted Taxes 3. Payment Verification Service Requests Made Expert Staff Members Open Five Days a Week Three LA County Departments Effectively and Efficiently Working Together to Aid Taxpayers The Office of the Assessor, in collaboration with the Auditor- Controller and the Treasurer and Tax Collector, reopened the One- Stop Public Counter in the first floor lobby of the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration in 2015. The implementation of the “One-Stop” was recognized by the Quality & Productivity Commission with a 2017 Special Merit Award. This joint effort assists taxpayers by providing simultaneous access to all property tax agencies and expediting the resolution of their issues and concerns. Elite staff have been cross-trained, enabling them to know the inner workings of each department and better handle more complicated tax questions. 50,000 18 100,000 20 MON-FRI 3 IN 1 23