As in the finding of hidden treasures, historical documents were discovered by Assessor Jeffrey Prang while inspecting the old Assessor’s library. The remarkable collection of journals cover the period from 1934 to 1951. Prepared by former Assessor employee DG Cathcart, the red-cover volumes contain numerous handwritten notes, news articles, photographs, daily journal entries and mementos. The collection of daily news and insights contained in the journals highlight the work of the Assessor’s Office and the impact of this work on the lives of the people of Los Angeles County. The historical collection serves as a reminder of the rich history of Los Angeles County in the form of previous Assessors’ archives. BRINGING HISTORY TO LIFE Jeffrey Prang 2014-Present John Noguez 2010-2014 Robert Quon 2010 Rick Auerbach 2000-2010 Kenneth P. Hahn 1990-2000 John J. Lynch 1986-1990 Alexander Pope 1978-1986 Philip E. Watson 1963-1977 John R. Quinn 1938-1962 E.W. Hopkins 1910-1938 Calvin Hartwell 1906-1910 Benjamin E. Ward 1902-1906 Alexander Goldwell 1898-1901 Theodore Summerland 1894-1898 F. Edward Gray 1891-1893 C.C. Mason 1887-1891 R. Bilderrain 1883-1886 J.W. Venable 1880-1882 A.W. Ryan 1876-1879 D. Botiller 1870-1875 M.F. Coronel 1868-1869 J.Q.A. Stanley 1866-1867 G.L. Mix 1863-1865 James McManus 1862 W.W. Maxy 1859-1861 Juan Maria Sepulveda 1857-1858 A.F. Coronel 1850–1856 26