The Assessor of the County of Los Angeles is elected by the voters and represents nearly 11 million residents. Assessor Jeffrey Prang is the County’s 27th Assessor, having assumed office in December 2014. The Office of the Assessor is governed by the State Constitution, State law, and rules adopted by the State Board of Equalization. Its primary function is to discover and inventory all taxable real and business property and to produce an annual Assessment Roll cataloging their appraised values. The Auditor-Controller applies the tax rates, and the Treasurer and Tax Collector collects these property taxes. Enrolling all assessable property through this valuation effort thus serves as the foundation of the property tax system upon which vital local services depend. Assessor Jeffrey Prang realizes that the successful implementation of these responsibilities will generate the necessary funding in order for local governments and schools to be able to provide quality public services. One of the ways he has set out to achieve this goal has been by leading a technology modernization effort which has already resulted in enhanced efficiency and customer service. He is further working to eliminate the backlog of assessment appeals. Assessor Prang is committed to fulfilling the Office of the Assessor’s mission of valuing people and property. A State Board of Equalization-licensed appraiser, Assessor Prang is a leader of the California Assessors’ Association (CAA) and an active member of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) and the Society of Auditor-Appraisers (SAA). Prior to his tenure as Assessor, he served as Mayor and City Councilmember in West Hollywood. He has worked in the Assessor’s Executive Office, as Special Assistant to the Sheriff, as Assistant City Manager, and as an aide to a Los Angeles City Councilmember. Raised in Warren, Michigan, Assessor Prang is a graduate of James Madison College at Michigan State University. A Record of Service and a Vision for the Future ASSESSOR JEFFREY PRANG 27