DISTRICTS 6.97% COUNTY UNINCORPORATED AREAS 24.07% INCORPORATED CITIES 15.07% SCHOOL DISTRICTS 40.82% *Figures rounded to nearest 0.01% SUCCESSOR AGENCIES 13.06% Property Tax Distribution Where do your property tax dollars go? The largest portion of most property owners’ annual property tax bill is the 1% rate— often called the 1% general tax levy or countywide rate. The California Constitution limits this rate to 1% of the assessed value. The taxes due from the 1% rate and voter- approved debt rates are based on a property’s assessed value. The Office of the Assessor determines the value of all assessable property in Los Angeles County. Property taxes are collected at the county level and distributed to local governments: cities, counties, schools, special districts, and until recently, redevelopment agencies. Property tax revenue generated within a county does not leave that county. Additionally, county property taxes allocated to schools generally offset state General Fund spending for K-14 programs. 8