2018 ANNUAL REPORT 11 ADDITIONAL STATS 384,000 Deeds Processed 138,000 Transfers Processed 78,000 New Construction Events 389,000 Businesses Canvassed 129,000 Business Property Statements Processed Largest Assessment Value in History $1.51 TRILLION Value of all Taxable Real Estate and Business Property in Los Angeles County More than 2.57 Million Parcels and Assessments 6.62% Increase in Assessed Value $93.8 Billion TYPES OF PARCELS 1,874,589 Single-Family Residential Parcels 249,661 Residential Income Parcels 248,198 Commercial/ Industrial Parcels TOTALING 2,372,448 LEADING GROWTH FACTORS Real Estate Sales: $48 Billion CPI Adjustment: $27 Billion New Construction: $11 Billion EXEMPTIONS $598 MILLION IN SAVINGS for Veterans, Homeowners and Community Organizations BUSINESS INVESTMENT 5.9% GROWTH Business Investment in Fixtures and Technology 205,000 Business Personal Property Assessments 2018 ASSESSMENT ROLL HIGHLIGHTS