2018 ANNUAL REPORT 27 AWARDS AND RECOGNITION The new technology modernization project has constructed a modern assessment roll database, rewritten the interface for both desktop computers and mobile devices, built data storage and Proposition 13 functionality that will increase staff productivity, and contributed to the Open Data initiative. The project has also consolidated existing databases into a single, easily-accessible system. All Assessor employees now have access to this data, thus eliminating lengthy delays required to research paper records or access different systems. Use of the Assessor system has also been extended to partner departments, including the Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller and the Treasurer and Tax Collector. This new technology system the Assessor has put in place created an Assessor Portal that is more user-focused and user-friendly. The public now has direct access to information and benefits from faster responses to their questions. The Assessor Portal has assessment data from nine different legacy systems that have been repackaged into one intuitive interface, including integration with the County’s Geographic Information Systems platform to deliver aerial photos, street view maps, and other vital information. The Office has been recognized by Digital Technology Magazine, the International Association of Assessing Officers, and the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association. 2018 Awards International Association of Assessing Officers PUBLIC INFORMATION AWARD PUBLIC AFFAIRS TEAM International Association of Assessing Officers PUBLIC INFORMATION AWARD IAAO LOS ANGELES CHAPTER URISA EXEMPLARY SYSTEMS IN GOVERNMENT AWARD ASSESSOR PORTAL