2018 ANNUAL REPORT 3 WHO WE ARE We are the Los Angeles County Office of the ASSESSOR. We are DEDICATED professionals committed to serving the public with FAIRNESS and ACCURACY in discovering and valuing property within the 4,751 square miles of Los Angeles County, including 88 CITIES and numerous unincorporated areas. As 1,375 Assessor EMPLOYEES, we serve as guardians of the public trust, working with diligence to establish accurate values on 2.57 million parcels and other assessments. We are appraisers, clerks, programmers, technicians, and administrators who fairly and EQUITABLY apply assessed values which generate annual property tax revenue of $15 BILLION. We are the FUTURE of Los Angeles County – the key ingredient in the property tax system that funds VITAL SERVICES upon which the public relies the most. First responders, health care providers, teachers, transportation engineers, librarians, parks and recreation workers, and countless others rely on the great work of our Office. And WE do our best to serve YOU with pride and professionalism.