Call 213.974-3211 or 1.888.807.2111 for forms and additional information 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 35 SEVERELY AND PERMANENTLY DISABLED RESIDENT EXCLUSION Filing Date: Within 3 years of purchase Severely and permanently disabled homeowners may qualify to transfer the taxable value of an existing residence to a replacement residence in a participating county, if the market value of the replacement is less than or equal to the market value of the existing residence. DISASTER RELIEF (MISFORTUNE OR CALAMITY) Filing Date: Within 12 months of damage Property that is damaged by a disaster, such as fire, flood or earthquake, may qualify for a temporary reduction in taxable value. Physical damage to the property must be at least $10,000 and a claim form must be filed. SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM The initial purchaser of a building with an active solar energy system may qualify for an exclusion from assessment on that portion of the value attributable to the system. When adding a solar energy system to your current home, the new system is automatically excluded from assessment. VETERANS’ EXEMPTION Filing Date: Feb 15th for 100% exemption; partial thereafter Unmarried veterans with assets less than $5,000; married veterans with assets less than $10,000; or an unmarried surviving spouse of a veteran may apply for the Veterans’ Exemption of $4,000 applied to the assessed property value of their home. This exemption claim must be filed annually. DISABLED VETERANS’ EXEMPTION Filing Date: Feb 15th for 100% exemption; partial thereafter Disabled veterans may be eligible for a Disabled Veterans’ Property Tax Exemption under certain conditions: when blind in both eyes; with the loss of the use of two or more limbs; or when totally disabled as a result of injury or disease incurred while in active military service. Unmarried surviving spouses of certain deceased veterans may also qualify.