15.06% $2,166,759,889 24.07% $3,437,888,996 40.40% $5,812,182,719 13.88% $1,996,386,651 6.76% $972,889,238 For 2017-18, property tax revenue allocated to local governments totals $14,386,107,493. Property tax revenue collected at the County level is distributed to local governments—cities, schools, special districts and until recently, redevelopment agencies or successor entities. Property tax revenue generated in Los Angeles County is retained within the county to fund local public services. County property taxes allocated to schools generally offset state General Fund spending for K-14 public school programs. County Unincorporated Areas More than 65 percent of the County – 2,653.5 square miles – is unincorporated. For the people living in those areas, the Board of Supervisors is their “city council” and the supervisor representing the area the “mayor.” County departments provide the municipal services. There are approximately 140 unincorporated communities. Incorporated Cities 88 incorporated cities in the County of Los Angeles School Districts Taxing jurisdiction for K-12 education and community colleges. Successor Agencies The affordable housing functions of former Redevelopment Agencies in California were assigned to Housing Successor Agencies. Special Districts An agency of the state, formed pursuant to statutory provisions for the local performance of governmental or proprietary functions. Examples include sanitation, water, cemetery, vector control, etc. Figures rounded to nearest 0.01% Source: Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 7 YOUR PROPERTY TAX DOLLARS HELP FUND LOCAL SERVICES